Architecture SIG Monthly Meeting

October 10, 2018 @ 6:00 PM
Ike Ellis & Scott Reed

The Architecture Roundtable SIG is a group of .Net Senior Developers and Architects who participate in round table discussions and take turns presenting on architecture topics to the group.  Because of the format participation is expected and required of all attendees.  This is great place to get feedback on a design direction or to tell everyone about a cool trick you discovered.  Topics range from design patterns, to inter-process communications, refactoring and agile practices.  Bring your laptops so that you can show off that new piece of code you have just written, or participate in the language debates.

If you wish to apply to join the group please send an email to

2 comments on “Architecture SIG Monthly Meeting
  1. Jordan Halgunseth says:

    I would like to attend, where will
    this meeting be held?
    Architecture SIG Monthly Meeting Nov 8

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